The Org Script

As individuals and as members of organisations, we all have to deal with various dynamics, like digitisation, robotisation and globalisation. Something that goes beyond uncertainty and complexity, something we call the wicked world.

Understanding your org script helps you to dance with the dynamics of this wicked world that we are living in. It is about identifying the patterns, hidden structures and rules that your organisation is operating on.

But there is more. As decision makers, you need to change the mental image you have about your organisation. Ultimately allowing you to unlock the potential of the organisation. And inviting every individual to bring their whole self to work.

Neglected Organisations

Given the accelerated pace of disruptive change, traditional ways of working do not suffice. With a traditional way of leading and decision making, leaders tend to ignore large parts of the organisation and its employees.

This can lead to neglect, which starts growing in the undercurrent and only gets to the surface when it is already quite late. Neglect causes low levels of trust, energy leakages and growing change fatigue. In order to create a healthy, psychologically safe organisations, the org script needs to shift.

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Sonja Wekema

Drs. Sonja Wekema MSc MEC is known as Board Whisperer, People & Culture Champion and TEDx speaker. She is an expert in Cultural Transformation and Neglected Organisations. Together with her extended network, she is on a mission to rehumanise leadership in technical multinationals.

Matthias Schramm

Dr. Matthias Schramm is a transformation evangelist with a passion to drive change in large scale, complex organisations. Following his north star to drive human centered organisations and leadership, empowering people to bring their whole self in creating the Next Normal.